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Alaska Fibre Inc.

Jeff Hupp first visited Wrangell, Alaska on May 2nd, 1981. He spent the summer/fall season logging for Valentine Logging. After working that one season, Alaska left an impression on him and in 1990 he returned and continued logging.

​In 1992, Jeff moved to Petersburg and made it his home and in 1996 he started his own business.

Jeff purchased his first sawmill in 1997 and began making lumber from local timber. After several years of this, he expanded and purchased a second mill. They both closed in 2004.

In 2004, Jeff saw a need for the community of Petersburg and decided to fulfill those needs by offering lumber, plywood, roofing, concrete products and general building supplies. With support from the community, employment is growing. He eventually started a partnership with Tyler Rental Inc., one of the many connections he made during his sawmill years.

Now, nearly 20 years later, Alaska Fibre Inc. is now serving all of Petersburg and outlying areas.

Jeff Hupp, owner of AK Fibre

Welcome to

Petersburg is home to one of the top fishing fleets in the world, and one of the finest ports of call in Southeast Alaska. Business or pleasure, the harbors are geared to offer you what you need. Petersburg’s three modern harbors are just a short walk from downtown. The port, naturally sheltered from high winds by the local geography, is recognized as one of the friendliest in Southeast Alaska.

We are proud to operate a place of business in this beautiful community. Give us a call and let us help you make your dream home attainable.

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